Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines

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Welcome to our website! 
Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines

 We are excited that you have come here to learn about NAMV and our organization. 

Our organization believes that all patients, including healthcare workers, should be free and should have the right to refuse vaccines and medical procedures- particularly those that don't work and are being implemented at the expense of the healthcare worker. We are not anti-vaccine, but pro-choice in our fight for medical freedom in the workplace.

Nurses are having their right to medical privacy violated by mask-wearing, stickers, and other shaming tools for those who have medical, religious, or other exemption reasons. This is being done so that employers do not lose out on CMS incentive funding of up to 2% each year.

We believe that as nurses and healthcare workers, we are required to act as advocates for not only our patients but for ourselves. If we cannot advocate for ourselves, how can we ever advocate for others? Therefore it is our mission to become advocates for healthcare professionals who are faced with a forced flu shot or termination.

Please look around, and if you are so inclined, please join our organization. For only $20 per year, you can have access to premium information and access a host of well-researched and informative articles, safe places of employment, view 2016 candidate info, and meet other like-minded professionals on our message boards- away from the prying eyes of Facebook spies who have nothing better to do than harass and mock you. Our message boards are broken down by topic, state, and other various information. This is a great place to see what others are doing in different states and communities, and you can rest assured that you will be around like-minded people!
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